Saga’tember: (Mostly) Dead Dwarfs!

For my third group of miniatures for Dungeon Saga: the Dwarf King’s Quest, I decided to focus on the dwarfs.

There are two dwarf revenants in the game, basically undead dwarf warriors who serve their undead Dwarf King, for whom the game is named. I decided they would likely be clad in similar raiment, as they are soldiers, after all. I opted for green.

Then there is the eponymous undead Dwarf King himself, Grund (not a very dwarflike name, but whatever). I’m pretty happy with the way he turned out. I really like the miniature, too; much like beards, big blocky hammers just seem to go with dwarfs.

Here’s a shot of the king and his soldiers. Speaking of beards, I think it’s great that dwarfs keep theirs even after death, when the rest of their face is just a skull. It’s also worth noting that only after death would a dwarf EVER tolerate rust on his weapons or armor.

Finally, I completed my first Dungeon Saga hero: Rordin, the Dwarf. I don’t have a problem with the miniature per se, but it’s not that exciting a pose. Also, his hammer head is bent, and even though I tried to straighten it about 6 times, it went right back to the bent position. Annoying, but not really the end of the world, considering how much I’m likely to actually play this game.

Up next: (undead, not Russian) Trolls! I’m hoping to get them done by the end of the month, which will leave only the remaining 3 heroes and the dungeon scenery left to paint. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Saga’tember: (Mostly) Dead Dwarfs!

  1. dick garrison

    Really nice work on the Dwarves Keith, strangely I have been working on the “Dead Shorties” myself (very slow progress though!), if they come out half as good as yours I’ll be very happy.

    I like your take on Rordin (silly name, I kept calling him Rodrin!) too. Mine also had a “bent” hammer, as has Grund), I see yours was also missing a couple of the “lumps” on the top of his helmet like mine too.

    Good luck with the Trolls, I’m leaving them till last (coward that I am!).

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Roger. The bent plastic bits really annoy me. With a game like this, one-piece castings are certainly the way to go, as you’re trying to appeal to non-gamers as well (who wants to assemble almost 30 miniatures before you can play?). But whatever these are made of, the usual tricks to reposition them don’t work.

      I’m posting the trolls as we speak. They weren’t as much of a pain to paint as I thought they would be. I found Como Pintar’s Youtube video to be helpful, even though I deviated from it significantly (there’s a link to it in the troll post).

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