Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer

As anyone who still comes here knows, I have had precious little hobby time over the past few months as irritants both personal and professional have plagued me without mercy. One thing I’ve managed to keep up with (the ONLY thing, really; as my last two posts show) is Tom’s #paintanadventuringparty challenge over on Instagram. Tom’s challenge is pretty much the same as my Character of the Month from last year, only without the back stories. I’m also choosing to paint only old-school miniatures, because that’s what I want to do.

This is Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer (not to be confused with Amber Lynn, who is someone else entirely). She’s from Ral Partha’s Fantasy Personalities line (03-106), and in case you can’t tell, she’s a Sandra Garrity sculpt.

Like many of my old-school metal minis, she was never painted (until now). I needed a paladin for the challenge. She looks the part. Besides, I realized I was a little short on the female miniatures so far this year.

Here she is sans background scenery.

And finally, here she is doing what she does best, slayin’ dragons; in this case, a Grenadier Red Dragon, sculpted by Julie Guthrie.

Not much else to say, really. I’m hoping to get a few more posts out by the end of the year. December is when I traditionally clean up my “side pile”; but that seems unlikely. I just want to get SOMETHING done. This was supposed to be the year of pop culture, and it’s turned out to be the nine months of pop culture! That sucks!

Next month: only one more character class to go in the challenge…can you guess which one? Also: more gaming announcements, and hopefully something else, too…

6 thoughts on “Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer

  1. Dave Stone

    She looks great Keith, the gold tone is very subtle, and works well with the model. Great you have been able to keep up with this challenge, and hope real life is better for you soon mate.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. I learned that gold tone trick from Mark Sorastro from Sorastro’s painting on YouTube (see sidebar). He used it on C-3PO. You paint a metallic silver (like Leadbelcher), then wash it a couple of times with Sepia Ink. That sets up a nice deep tone that you can highlight up with bronze and gold metallics. I love it!

  2. Matt

    Great to see you posting again, Keith! I do pop in to see if you’ve updated, and to re-read your superb AARs to give me a bit of inspiration for mine.

    Amberlynn looks great, and as you say it’s obvious she’s a Garrity model. I really like how you’ve kept the scheme to a basic brown-and-metallic look, and as always you’ve done a great job on her face. The photo of her with the dragon is wonderful, and those old-school wyrms are way better to me than their modern counterparts.

    I hope things improve for you soon, matey. Take care!

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thank you, Matt. Hoping to be more of a presence henceforth. Also, I was just thinking that I haven’t set up my gaming table in a long time…and I never DID finish that Star Trek scenario-turned-novella…

  3. Dick Garrison

    Very nice work on a very nice figure there mate, To stop any confusion between her and the p*rn star you should have painted her hair red and called her Gingerlynn….Oh wait that wouldn’t have worked either!

    Cheers Roger.

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