The Coming of…Rrrraaaaaang!!!!!

Beware! Despair! Rrrraaaaaang is upon us!!!  Rrrraaaaaang, Destroyer of Worlds! Rrrraaaaaang, Bringer of Doom! Rrrraaaaaang, Devourer of Civilizations! Rrrraaaaaang! Rrrraaaaaang! RRRRAAAAAANG!!!!!!!

A bit of background: when I was in college, I spent a fair amount of time in the Fine Arts building, as one of my best friends was an illustration major. One day, I noticed something odd affixed to a wall in the main lounge. It was an orange. Someone had drawn a mean face on the peel and stuck it on a hook. They put a small, open box below the orange. It contained several coins of varying denominations. This, proclaimed a nearby sign, was Rrrraaaaaang, and he was a fearful god. Only through donations could Rrrraaaaaang be appeased.

Well, Rrrraaaaaang remained on his hook throughout the entire school year, long past when he became a withered, hardened husk of an orange with a sunken, glaring face. I think the custodians must have had a sense of humor; either that or, like the art students, they feared Rrrraaaaaang’s wrath should his physical body be molested in any way. I think there may have been about $2.00 in coins in that box by the end of the year, which is pretty impressive, considering college students are notoriously poor, and many are not above stealing change to raid a vending machine. Even so, none dared to defile the offerings to Rrrraaaaaang and risk his displeasure.

Rrrraaaaaang did not return the next semester. He vanished into the ether, as gods often do. He offered no explanation to those of us he left behind. I firmly believe Rrrraaaaaang will return one day, to visit divine retribution upon us all.

Until that time, I bring you my version of the great and terrible Rrrraaaaaang. My Rrrraaaaaang is an early Reaper miniature, Conjunctivus, the eye beast. He is a versatile monster, able to bring death and destruction in a variety of game settings.

They said nothing could make the Galacteers and the Imperials put aside their hostilities…but both fear Rrrraaaaaang!
Foolish mortals! Now you face Rrrraaaaaang!
“By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, Wong! My wards have failed! Rrrraaaaaang is upon us!
On Planet X, Biff Banning and Sheila Starr unwittingly awaken…Rrrraaaaaang!!!!

This miniature has been awaiting completion for years. In fact, I began composing a Rrrraaaaaang post in April of 2018, and he already had a basecoat on him back then. I’m glad he’s finally done, and I hope I can get to some other long-incomplete projects before the end of Monster Month.

Check out all the other participants in Monster Month. Dave Stone converted an awesome Kroot beast for Warhammer 40K, then did an amazing paint job on an Oriental Dragon he sculpted himself! That’s two submissions, one more than me so far, and I’m the guy HOSTING the challenge! Way to go, Dave! Coyotepunc completed a Reaper Frost Giant and it looks great! Matt painted a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath named Tracy. (Really!) Carrion Crow plans on painting some miniatures sculpted by Dick Garrison himself, another participant! Visit everyone’s blog and see what they’re up to!


Roger, aka Dick Garrison, from Rantings From Under the Wargames Table

Dave Stone from Wargames Terrain Workshop

Matt from PMPainting

Coyotepunc from Coyotepunc’s Creativity

Ken from Blue Moose Arts

Jeremy, aka Carrion Crow, from Carrion Crow’s Buffet

Harry from War Across the Ages

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8 thoughts on “The Coming of…Rrrraaaaaang!!!!!

  1. Dick Garrison

    I love that miniature Keith, and the back story is great too!

    The pictures are brilliant, that is such a versatile figure!!

    Looks like I’m going to have to pull my finger out (as we say over here), and get on with my entry.

    Oh and don’t worry about Dave being ahead, he always ends up putting the rest of us to shame!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks! I’m quite pleased with the result, Roger. He sat in the side pile for a couple of years with a dark blue basecoat on him. Once I decided to go with the orange color, I made very quick progress. Now, I have a pretty big task ahead of me with a miniature who has lain about for equally as long, but will be much more challenging to paint…

  2. Jeremy Winstanley

    I really like Rrrraaaaaang – the back-story is great and, as you state, it’s a really versatile figure. A very striking figure with a lovely paint job. I’ll be interested to see what the next figure is.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Jeremy. Like I said in Roger’s reply, I have a big ‘un I want to get done, but TBH I started something less challenging while I ponder how best to tackle it. Hopefully, by the end of the month I’ll have completed everything I wanted to, because Forgotten Heroes will soon be upon us, and I’ve neglected my supers painting for a while now!

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. I acquired the miniature in a lot; I didn’t purchase it specifically. At first I had no use for him, but then the idea came to me to use him as a giant space monster for games of War Rocket or ACTA Star Fleet (which I had reecently bought). Wasn’t until Monster Month that I realized how versatile he really is…

  3. Matt

    Oh wow, that’s a great mini and an excellent tale behind it! Orange can be a sod to paint but you’ve done a great job and the blue horns complement it perfectly. Nice one!

    I’m still slaving over a hot brush but hope to have my entry done soon.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Matt! I realized I often use the same color routines, consciously or not. (One color I hate painting is yellow, as it’s tough to shade well.) The original Rrrraaaaaang was, in fact, an actual orange; but I never seriously considered painting him that color until recently. He was going to be blue, but I’m happier with this!
      Looking forward to your submission…80mm is a big ol’ base.

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