Beware the Owlbear!

The sounds of pursuit fill you with terror as you try to flee. You can hear the beast gaining on you. There’s no outrunning it! You look back in panic. The ground shakes and trees sway wildly as its enormous form crashes through the brush! It spies you, its prey…and it’s beak opens wide, giving forth a blood-curdling shriek of maddened rage:


My second submission for Monster Month, a classic Dungeons and Dragons monster and one of my personal favorites: The Owlbear! The product of magical crossbreeding of an owl and a bear, this ill-tempered monstrosity attacks anything it sees on sight and fights to the death. It’s the bane of low-level adventuring parties everywhere!

This owlbear comes from Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures, which is a line I can’t say enough good things about. They’re inexpensive, digitally sculpted, and generally very good-looking, especially the monsters. I’m less jazzed about the personalities (character classes, etc.), but YMMV.

The miniature was easy to paint and practically highlighted itself. The texture of the feathers and fur takes washes and drybrushing quite easily. I think it took me about 2 hours or so, which is pretty fast for me.

I still have four projects I’d like to get to this month, but realistically it’s probably not going to happen…so I have to prioritize. There’s one big one I really want to complete because I’ve been staring at it forever!

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Happy Painting!

6 thoughts on “Beware the Owlbear!

  1. Matt

    Nicely done, sir! That’s a fierce-looking specimen with an excellent paintjob. How tall is that mini? Would Berkely stand a chance against it?

    I’m working on a second entry for Monster Month and should have it posted by Sunday. Thankfully it’s been easier than Tracy 🙂

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Well, the owlbear is hunched over (sadly, a trend with Nolzur’s), but the tallest part of him (his right shoulder) is about 55-60mm as the eyeball measures it. Glad to hear you’ll be back for another submission!
      As far as Berkely…an owlbear is a combination of a bear and an owl, two of the fiercest predators of land and air. Plus, it’s crazed with bloodlust. Berkely is a chick with a chainsaw.
      How tough are we making Berkely, here? Because I should think the result would be quick and decisively final. For her.

      1. Matt

        Berkeley’s kind of tough, but the owlbear is almost twice her height. My money’s on the owlbear.

        I haven’t bought any of Nolzur’s figures but they are excellent. I have noticed they tend to model their minis in a sort of bent over or hunched over stance. I don’t know why they’d do that. Then again, why is every Space Marine sculpted to do look like they’re doing squats?

  2. dick garrison

    Lovely work Keith, and a mighty impressive beast it is too.

    I’ve post up pic’s on my submission over on my blog, just need to paint the blooming thing now!

    Cheers Roger.

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