Side Pile: Dwarf Characters

Like many miniatures enthusiasts, I have a small pile of miniatures “off to the side” of my main projects. These miniatures collect paint slowly, usually because I have dispensed or mixed too much of a color for my current project and don’t want to waste paint. Pour out a little too much of a color for your current project? Find an unpainted miniature or miniatures off to the side and apply the leftovers. Beats wasting paint, right?

Unfortunately, after a while, the “off to the side” pile of halfway or even two-thirds completed miniatures gets to be huge and takes up more space on the painting table than my current projects. Then, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and finish off the pile. I have done this recently. Thus, I bring you some figures of my favorite fantasy race: Dwarfs!


Up first, some Dwarf Lords from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures. I love these sculpts, and it was one of my first times painting on resin. None of these miniatures above required assembly beyond glueing them to their bases. Because they’re resin I would hesitate to game with them, but they’re perfectly awesome as RPG characters orĀ for the miniatures collector. I’m not a fan of the “dwarf slayer” concept; I always found it stupid. But I must say the guy on the left is pretty cool holding a severed ogre head. The middle dwarf is one of my favorites from the line. I like huge, blocky hammers.


The dwarf on the left is another favorite. Since I just said I love big, blocky hammers, this should come as no surprise. I also like the overflowing mug of the dwarf in the middle, and the pipe on the one farthest right. Both the left and middle dwarfs required assembly of their weapon heads, but the resin is easy to work with and glues quickly.


This is a view of all 6 Scibor dwarfs from the back. I’m happy with the results.


Next are two unique miniatures. On the left is a Dwarf wizard, from the Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering miniatures line. He’s holding what I assume to be a magic rod of some kind. He’s a two-piece sculpt that joins at the waist. This particular miniature has been in my side pile for about 7 years. I finally got around to painting him, and I think he turned out ok, although I thought he might look better with some kind of pattern on his robes. The dwarf piper is from Bob Olley’s Dwarf World line. Being a dwarf and a bagpiper makes him pretty much the coolest two things a miniature can be in my book.


These last miniatures came to me in a trade about a year ago. This is Reaper’s Dwarven Brewmeister (Reaper 02559), also sculpted by Bob Olley. I’m a big fan of miniatures that tell a story (as opposed to “guy holding weapon” miniatures), and I love these guys. I’m happy with the way they came out. I think I will use them as part of my Dwarf army as decorative pieces behind the artillery lines, making sure all the cannon crews stay hydrated.

More “side pile” miniatures soon!